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Crporate culture

Rongyu People know that: an enterprise without unique culture couldn’t be a sustainably-developed enterprise. Since its inception, Rongyu Pharmaceutical, with the people as core, has been committed to research and construction of corporate culture.

The core of Rongyu Pharmaceutical’s corporate culture is as follows:

Accomplished: Make a great achievement in China TCM industry, and share Rongyu Pharmaceutical’s TCM industry resources with medical institutions and consumers for common development.
Profitable: Be larger and stronger, maximize capital efficiency, create tax revenue, and create huge wealth for enterprise, shareholders and employees.


Well-known: Make “Rongyu Pharmaceutical” well-known in the world strive for being the a famous brand in TCM industry

Talented: TCM industry is China’s excellent national industry and strategic industry. Rongyu Pharmaceutical gives full play to the advantages of Linchuan as “Town of Talents”, strives for being a model in development and utilization of TCM industry and the “booster” of national industry.

Successful: “Rongyu People”, with the persevering spirit and hardworking enterprise style, have made successes; “Rongyu People” do believe: “Rongyu People” are to create a road of health for human being.

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