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we are  privately-owned Chinese patent medicine manufacturer, Jiangxi Provincial Key Privately-owned Enterprise, and Provincial Private Science & Technology Enterprise. Rongyu Pharmaceutical, with a site area of more than 60mu, is located in Jiangxi Fuzhou Jinchao Economic Development Area, only 98km away from Nanchang. Rongyu Pharmaceutical performed high-standard planning, design, and construction, and introduced advanced, modern, automated equipment in accordance with the requirements of national pharmaceutical production quality management standard. Rongyu Pharmaceutical has passed national “GMP” certifications with high standard, with annual production capacity: 2,000, 000,000 tablets, 2,000, 000,000 capsules and 16,000T granules, which creates good conditions and lays a solid foundation for producing “Green Drugs” to guarantee the drug quality.

To do well research and development of new drugs, Rongyu Pharmaceutical cooperated with Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to build a R&D Base. Currently, Rongyu Pharmaceutical has formed a complete industrial chain: selection of TCM materials - research and development of new drugs - production of drug preparations - sale. To expand corporate production scale and enhance corporate technical contents, Rongyu Pharmaceutical develops some products with high technical contents, high capacity of the market and unique curative effect each year, which can strengthen the momentum of development, realize sustainable development and create a century enterprise.

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